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Sparkle Christmas Bauble tutorial with Jodie Johnson


  • Craft Perfect Classic Card – Bright White
  • Craft Perfect Mirror Card – Chrome Silver
  • Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive
  • Nuvo Glitter drops – Silver Moondust
  • Burgundy ribbon 6mm and 10mm
  • Hot Glue Gun

Step 1

Cut 10 base shapes.

Step 2

Cut patterned die into each base shape.

Step 3

Cut 10 silver triangle layers.

Step 4

Cut patterned die into each layer.

Step 5

Glue triangle layer to each base shape. (If you would like to add an acetate backing layer, add it now)

Step 6

Cut a 1cm strip of card. Fold in half and cut to length of flat side of base shape.

Step 7

Add a base shape to each of the folded strips.

Step 8

Glue scalloped edges together.

Step 9

Glue last 2 scalloped edges together to close bauble.

Step 10

Paint glitter drops onto card to add shimmer. Decorate with ribbon.

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