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Hanging Christmas advent calendar tutorial with Alison Whelan

What you will need

  • Craft Perfect Classic Card – Maroon Red, Avocado Green
  • Craft Perfect card 300gsm – White
  • Craft Perfect Mirror Card – Harvest Gold
  • Craft Perfect Satin Card – Honey Gold
  • Greyboard Ring approximately 29cm
  • Baker’s Twine – Green/white
  • 3mm ribbon - white, maroon and gold
  • 10mm ribbon – maroon

  • Craft Perfect Dimensional Foam pads
  • Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive
  • Fishing line and sewing needle
  • Tim Holtz Craft Pick
  • Tonic Studios Kushgrip Art Knife
  • Hole punch or Cropadile
  • Tonic Studios Tangerine die cutting machine
  • Nuvo Alcohol pens – 417, 377, 381, 499

Step 1

Colour around the inside and outside of greyboard ring with a green alcohol pen

Step 2

Cover ring with patterned paper (you will need 4 sheets). Trim away excess card. 

Step 3

Place 12 marks evenly on the outside and inside of the ring to indicate where the holes will be added. Punch holes.

Step 4

Punch 4 more holes to place hanging cords. Take 2 lengths of ribbon approximately 1 metre each. Push ribbon from the top of the ring and tie in a knot underneath. Push other end of ribbon through opposite hole. Repeat with second ribbon.

Step 5

Tie a knot in both the ribbons in a knot to hang the mobile.

Step 6

Cut 2 base die cuts and glue together leaving one side open.

Step 7

Cut 4 outer panels in main colour and contrast colour. Cut along score line on contrast shapes. Drop shadow these strips behind main colour.

Step 8

Glue panels to the box.

Step 9

Add decoration to the box.

Step 10

Add numbers to the tag and tie to the box with ribbon.

Step 11

Tie a piece of fishing line to the box. Use a sewing needle to thread through the holes.

Step 12

Tie box to the ring. Repeat with the remainder of the boxes, tying them at different heights.

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