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How to make a waxed seal effect using embossing powder

Hello, Sophie here with a quick project I made using the Simply Stamped die & stamp set.

As soon as I saw these stamps they reminded me of the wax seals you see on fancy letters in films, so I set out to make my own!

To make the wax seal you will need:

- Simply Stamped die & stamp set

- Die cutting machine

- Embossing powder

- Heat Gun

- Stamping Block/Platform

- Envelopes

- Twine

- Craft Perfect Redline Tape

Step 1

First, I cut out a circle using the die from the set and my Tangerine.

Step 2

Then I used our Nuvo Clear mark ink and Embossing Powder in Medici Crimson to cover. I then used a heat gun to melt the embossing powder and let it cool.

I repeated this step 3-4 times to build up some layers. Then while the last layer was still hot, I carefully but firmly pressed in one of the stamps from the set to leave an imprint in the embossing powder.

Step 3

I added my “seals” to envelopes I’d decorated with some twine and jute banding, using Craft Perfect Redline Tape. 

Step 4

I also tried this technique out using Classic Gold Embossing powder to make what looked like gold coins. 

I think this could also look cool using black embossing powder, using a glitter marker to pick out detail.

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