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Step 1

Cut a backing panel and a front panel for your project.

Step 2

Die-cut the front panel of your project using the number die.

Step 3

Add sequins and confetti to the shaker.

Step 4

Carefully remove the adhesive backing paper of the shaker.

Step 5

Affix a piece of acetate behind the shaker.

Step 6

Trim any excess of acetate around the shaker.

Step 7

Add double-sided adhesive tape around the shaker borders.

Step 8

Remove the adhesive backing paper of the shaker and affix the shaker on the aperture created by the die in the front panel of your project.

Step 9

Add the shaker to any crafty project.

So here is a very basic card make using number shaker dies and blisters sets.

Now is a great time to top up on your glitter and sequins for your shaker cards, with this months Sparkle & Shine sale.

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