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Designer's Choice 8 - Filigrees & Florals Die Set - Tutorial

Hello crafters, Dawny P here and welcome to this month’s Designer Choice step by step tutorial. This month, our Designer Choice is the beautiful Filigrees and Florals set.

This is a verso set and has 10 dies. The main dies are a curved verso set which you could use together or on their own and I think the inside edge here cut straight into a card base, would look stunning with just a few Nuvo drops for decoration. Because of their shape you could use them on your envelope flaps as well. And you could use an outside edge die cut as a template if you were using your inks etc to create clouds.

There are 3 are strip dies with floral and leaf patterns and these can be used to mat and layer, or you could cut them straight into your base card. Also they make fabulous stencils.

There are also 3 beautiful border dies which can be used anywhere and on anything. One has a stitched line, one has little diamond shaped holes and the other has little flowers. The waste from the flower border could be used on its own or as confetti for your shaker cards. If you want a longer border, then that’s no problem. Just line them up and cut again – they all have repeatable patterns. I love these border dies.

And last but by no means least there is a verso flower set. The petals on the inside edge die are so pretty and delicate and they lift up to create dimension. You can pair this up with the outside edge, which can also be used by itself.

So you are getting a really versatile and very pretty set of dies with heaps of potential and suitable for lots of different occasions.

So what did we do here? I made a z-fold card which I thought was perfect to show off the lovely curved shape and I created a double border on the inside of the card with one of the border dies. It’s really easy to put together and isn’t heavy on your stash of cardstock.

And this is how you make it.

Firstly, cut some card stock in the following sizes –

128mm x 36mm (1 each in Bright White and Denim Blue)

128mm x 146mm (Denim Blue)

128mm x 72mm (Denim Blue)

128mm x 84mm (1 each in Bright White and Denim Blue)

Also cut a piece of Bright White A4 cardstock to 128mm wide. Cut this on the shortest side – this will be your base card.

Take the pieces that measure 128mm x 84mm and cut the outside verso edge die into both.

Take the white piece and cut the inside verso edge die into it

Take the white piece that measures 128mm x 36mm and cut the strip die into it as shown

Now layer the inside edge die cuts onto the outside edge die cuts and stick together

Take the Denim Blue piece of card that measures 128mm x 146mm and cut the border die into the right-hand edge as shown

Now move the die about 42mm along and cut it in again as shown.

Now take the same border die and cut it into the edge of the white piece you’ve cut for your base card.

With the patterned edge on the left hand side, fold this in half and crease. Fold back the side with the die cut pattern and crease. It should look like this.

Take the Denim Blue piece of card that measures 128mm x 72mm and glue to the back of the flap with the pattern cut into it.

Fold it back and you can now see the blue through the pattern

Glue the piece with the double border cut in onto the inside of your card base. Attach the strip die piece with dimension pads as shown.

Glue down your sentiment

Take the curved die cut pieces and stick to the front of the card as shown.

Take 2 scraps of Bright White and Denim Blue cardstock and cut the outside edge flower die into both

Cut the inside edge flower die into the blue die cut and bend the cut part if the petals to the centre as shown

Apply adhesive to the back of the blue flower in the centre only and stick down to the white outside edge die cut.

Bend all the petals towards to centre to give the flower some shape

Wrap some gingham ribbon around the front of the card. Add a bow, stick down the flower and pop a little button in the centre.

You’re all done.


When you are cutting the double border, cut your first border and leave the border die in the card. Lay one of the strip dies next to it. Now move the border die to the other side. Remove the strip die and run the card through your machine. You’ll have the correct distance between the borders.

When gluing your sentiment down, remove most of the sticky from some low tack tape and place this on the card underneath where you want your sentiment to be. You can now use this as a guide so that your sentiment is straight and just remove the tape once the sentiment is in place.

When attaching the ribbon, start near the top at the front of the card, wrap it around and come back to the starting point. You can cover the join with the bow and flower.

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