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GHOUL Makes Using Black Nuvo Drops

Hello, Sophie here with two really easy Halloween crafts using Nuvo Drops.

Ghoul Cups

You will need:

- Nuvo Crystal Drops in Ebony Black

- White Card

- White Party Cups

…and a pair of scissors!

Step 1

Get straight to it and draw some ghost eyes on to the cup with the Nuvo Drops! Do the same for a mouth too and leave to dry.

Step 2

Once dry, we need to measure him up for some ghost arms. 

Step 3

When you’re happy with your arms, cut them out and attach a tab of tape.

**This is where in hindsight I would have cut the arm a little bigger to make a tab to be able to glue the arms on with Deluxe Adhesive.

Step 4

Now attach both arms.

I made these at first thinking they could be fun for a Halloween party to use as cups, but then I tried one with a battery tea light inside and I think they’d look great as decorations too!

Cobweb Cauldron

You will need:

- Nuvo Crystal Drops in Ebony Black

- Easy Clean Mat

- A small vase/old candle jar/glass

Step 1

Draw out your Spider web on to the mat using your Nuvo Drops

Step 2

Repeat this process a few times (depending on how many webs you want) and allow to dry overnight.

Step 3

Once dry, you should be able to peel them from the mat easily, and stick them to the surface of your vase/glass. 

Step 4

I added my webs to a small vase along with some fake spiders and cotton-wool webs. I also added in an LED tea light to add an eerie glow- perfect! 

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