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Tim Holtz Spare Blade Carriage for Rotary Trimmer 3960e - 3959e



The Replacement Blade Carriage for the Tim Holtz® Rotary Media Trimmer, the perfect solution for quick and easy blade replacement during your crafting projects.

The carriage is easy and quick to change, thanks to the included instructions and tools. You can effortlessly replace the blade and continue with your crafting projects. 

The replacement carriage fits onto the Tim Holtz® Rotary Media Trimmer. This trimmer features a geared rotary cutting blade that effortlessly cuts through a range of crafting mediums. The trimmer offers both imperial and metric rulers, as well as a handy ¼ inch-gridded base with popular paper sizes for ease of use. With a compact base that has a cutting length of 12.5”/31.5cm and extendable arms that can expand it to 12”/30.5cm, this trimmer is both versatile and practical.

Not only is the Tim Holtz® Rotary Media Trimmer highly engineered and durable, but it can also cut through various substrates, including heavy-duty chipboard (up to 0.05” thick), heavyweight cardstock (up to 130#/350GSM), synthetic surfaces (Yupo, acetate), and lightweight vellum with ease.  Additionally, the ergonomic Kush grip carriage ensures comfortable to use during extended cutting sessions. 

Experience the unmatched quality and innovative design of Tim Holtz® tools brought to you in collaboration with Tonic Studios' engineering expertise.

✓ Contains 1 Spare blade carriage

✓ A Handy Allen key is provided along with instructions.

✓ For use with the Tim Holtz - 12.5" / 31.5cm Rotary Media Trimmer (3960e)

About Tim Holtz

Tim Holtz® creativity paired with Tonic Studios engineering know-how! Our range of Tim Holtz® tools offers unrivalled quality and ingenious innovation.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Becky Moore
One of the best cutters I've ever used

My experience with cutters in the scrapbook market are that none of them cut a truly straight line. Either the printing is off on the surface of the cutter, or the blade is not correctly aligned. In most cases, it's not that big of a deal, but when you are cutting longer lengths, the inaccuracy begins to show up. I was skeptical when I bought the Tim Holtz Rotary Trimmer, but lo and behold, this bad boy is accurate as a laser! From the tinest slivers to the largest pieces, they all cut correctly. And the best part is you can cut several sheets of cardstock at one time. LOVE. THIS. TRIMMER.

KC in CA
Buy it!

I did NOT need another trimmer. I have quite a few including a rotary trimmer BUT this trimmer is not like the others. It's larger than my other trimmers (except of course Tim's guillotine) and it cuts heavy chipboard like butter. No dulling of the blade. No cutting halfway through. No raggedy edges. Exact sizing. This trimmer is delightful. It is true if you simply push the housing straight down, it doesn't cut properly but I took it out of the package, started cutting, and it's been cutting everything I've thrown its way easy peasy since day one.

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