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Tim Holtz - 12.5" / 31.5cm Rotary Media Trimmer - 3960e



Tim Holtz Rotary Media Trimmer

The brand new Tim Holtz® Rotary Media Paper Trimmer is designed with creative crafters in mind!

Featuring a geared rotary cutting blade, this trimmer effortlessly cuts through a range of crafting mediums. The trimmer offers both imperial and metric rulers and a handy ¼ inch-gridded base with popular paper sizes for ease of use. With a compact base that has a cutting length of 12.5”/31.5cm and extendable arms that can expand it to 12”/30.5cm, this trimmer is versatile and practical.

Not only is the Tim Holtz® Rotary Media Paper Trimmer highly engineered and durable, but it can also cut through various substrates, including heavy-duty chipboard (up to 0.05” thick), heavyweight cardstock (up to 130#/350GSM), synthetic surfaces (Yupo, acetate), and lightweight vellum with ease.  Additionally, the ergonomic Kush grip carriage ensures comfortable to use during extended cutting sessions. 

Experience the unmatched quality and innovative design of Tim Holtz® tools brought to you in collaboration with Tonic Studios' engineering expertise.

Key Features:

✓ Geared rotary trimmer with cutting length 12.5”/31.5cm

✓ Imperial and Metric rulers with an extendable base to measure 12”/30.5cm

✓ Cut through various substrates, including heavy-duty chipboard (up to 0.05” thick), heavyweight cardstock (up to 130#/350GSM), synthetic surfaces (Yupo, acetate), and lightweight vellum

✓ Handy ¼ inch gridded base with poplar paper sizes for ease of use

✓ Ergonomic Kush grip carriage

✓ Highly durable blade for extended use – Spare blade (3959e) available within the range.

About Tim Holtz

Tim Holtz® creativity paired with Tonic Studios engineering know-how! Our range of Tim Holtz® tools offers unrivalled quality and ingenious innovation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Christine Third
Problematic cutter

I have the two Tonic guillotine cutters and they work great, however, the rotary cutter is difficult to get consistent cuts. It cuts very rough in one direction, almost all the the time, so I can’t use it to cut in both directions. It is also very difficult to see the cutting edge to line up with a pencil mark on the cardstock. I would return it but I bought it online and the shipping is too expensive.

Lorraine Chuman
I figured out how to make the trimmer work

After cutting lots of scrap yardstick I figured out that you need to apply a lot of pressure on the rotary blade to ensure that the blade turns and you get a clean cut. If you find that your cuts look ragged, try pushing down on the blade as you make your cut. I was able to cleanly cut many different thicknesses of card stock, multimedia paper, water color paper and even cardboard.

What a disappointment

There is a small range of yardstick that the trimmer will cut without shredding the paper. Heavy cardstock 80 lb and up does not cut cleanly. The paper looks like it was ripped and not cut. Thin paper won't cut at all. The Tim Holtz guillotine trimmer is better investment.

Tim Holtz® Rotary Media Trimmer Disappointment

This was supposed to be the trimmer of my dreams but turned out to be not so perfect. When it cuts it's like cutting butter. Unfortunately, when it doesn't it is awful. I only cut one sheet at a time of 110lb or 80lb. paper, it will cut beautiful for a few sheets then it just shreds the edges. This happened almost immediately from the first time using it. I would love to hear from others if they are experiencing the same problem. I'm meticulous about lining everything up and using the paper holder to keep the paper firmly in place. As you know this is not a cheap trimmer! I don't know what hurts more. the cutting problem or the complete disappointment. I was expecting so much more. :-( I bought this Tonic trimmer through Simon Says Stamps.

Barbara Loftis

Need to get use to it

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