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Brand New - Craft Tidy - Octagon

Brand New - Craft Tidy - Octagon

Bring comfort and convenience to your craft space!

Introducing a brand new storage solution from Tonic Studios, The Octagon - Craft Tidy.

The tidy combines a durable metal cup holder and one easy-clip craft storage tote. Its reinforced base makes for worry-free storage of your scissors, pokey tools, brushes, and more while keeping them all within easy reach.

The sleek and functional steel frame design comes complete with a chrome finish. Coupled with removable and washable hand fabric, this is storage built to last and meet the needs of the modern crafter!

Introducing your new Craft Tidy storage solution! This amazing product has one metal cup holder and one easy-clip craft storage tote.

The beautiful design and solid steel frame is complete with a wonderful chrome finish. As well as this the Craft Tidy has been designed with a reinforced base and is perfect for storing scissors, pokey tools, brushes, pens and essential craft equipment!

With removable and hand washable fabric, coupled with the effortless design this product truly is unmissable.

230mm x 190mm x 145mm

 Organise your craft/office/sewing/art or general desk

 Chrome finished solid steel frame & reinforced base

 Removable and hand washable

 Clamp to desk (min 15mm/max 60mm)


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