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Memory Book Introduction

Introduction to my memory book collection

With Jodie Johnson

Bring those special moments to life.

Elevate your scrapbooking and die-cutting skills with the best-selling My Memory Book range!

Join a vibrant global community of Memory Book makers and create keepsakes you'll treasure for a lifetime. Create a keepsake book and add tags, embellishments, and photos - perfect for holding treasured things.

We have easy to follow tutorials on our website from expert crafters to support and guide you on your own My Memory Book journey.

A stunning collection of 3D makes born from an idea Jodie had when making a book for her daughter. Think hidden places, a premium look and feel to journaling, beautiful papers and magnets to close and protect those crafted memories.

The need for pencils, rulers, scoreboard, and endless scraps of wasted paper is no more. The memory book offers a 3D range of everything you need to preserve those special moments.

Life is all about the moments. Each milestone or life’s events can be celebrated with the collection whether it is something to gift or a creation to treasure.

The memory book range has grown in line with the demand for these timeless 3D makes.

This first series of Monday meet the maker is to offer an introduction to anyone new to the memory book with a simple to follow how to create video with Jodie and a few options to shop to start your memory book journey

Jodie also gives you a quick guide to the world of My memory Book:

The main thing that distinguishes one design from the other is mainly:

Shape and style

And Aperture

However, the idea across the assortment is shared.

A base to create the edge of a book and the same die to create the leaves of the book.

All books can be created without the need for a separate spine.

If you are a little unsure some dies come with holes to allow you to weave the book together with ribbon or metal rings.

The spine was introduced to take the guess work out of the fold for the spine.

Some base leaves are larger than others and some come with different die sizes to create further dimensions, different sized books or trinkets within the pages.

Basics for Memory Book making

A base

A base and decoration

A spine (optional)

Tickets & Trinkets

Small Craft Magnets (optional)

Large Craft Magnets (optional)

300gsm Cardstock

Below are some great deals to help you get you started on your Memory Book journey

Introducing Base Makers

Everything starts with a base! Create your memory book with the following products below. We have provided two tutorials to get you started. Please see below:

Expand your bases with the 'Simple Spine Die'. This die is essential to create both 'Flora Memoria & Keepsake Base Creator'. Watch our tutorial below to get started:

Keepsake Book Maker - Spines

Half Cut

Rotate your pages and double spine to create wonderful gatefold Memory Books within the larger Memory Books! Our My Memory Book Layering Die Sets are designed to add beautiful layers to every page and cover.

Special Memories Gift Box

Designed to perfectly fit books made with the Memory Book Maker & Scalloped Embrace Base sets, the Special Memories Box Set creates gorgeous boxes for your Keepsake Bookmaker albums.

Accessories and Decorative Layers

Personalise your memory books with our accessories, specifically designed for the 'My Memory Book'. Watch our accessories tutorial below for tips and inspiration.

Learn more with Tutorials

Build your 'My Memory Book' project by joining Jodie Johnson in a series of 'step by step' guides. Start your 'Memory Book' journey today.

Life's Journey Creator with Spine Die

Life's Journey Creator

Memory Book Maker with Spine Die

Memory Book Maker

Memory Book Page Inspiration

To discover more and to start your journey join the FB group making memories with jodie on Facebook

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