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Tonic Studios Favour Boxes Tutorial with Dawny P

Hello crafters – Dawny P here and welcome to the Tonic Craft Room.

The project I have for you today uses one of the Tonic Studios Favour Boxes. There are 2 different favour box sets - Flourishing Floral and Embellished Swirl. Both are beautiful sets which allow you to make stunning favour boxes with very little effort. The Flourishing Floral set has 19 different dies and the Embellished Swirl has 13. Both have a base die to create your box and then there are a variety of decorative dies to add the detail. There are generic sentiments included (so lots of mileage with them), and as these are Verso sets you have of course your inside and outside edge dies which can be used on other projects and cards as well.  

Because they are ‘stash friendly’ (as I call them), the Favour Boxes will not eat into your cardstock supply which make them ideal if you are creating a few of them for a wedding for example. Use them with plain coloured card; they look lovely even left undecorated because they have a really nice shape. Or you can use the outside edges on their own with your patterned paper. These are ideal for using up those oddments of patterned paper that we don’t like throwing away!! And you can paper piece with them or use your Nuvo pens to colour or stencil. There are lots of ways to use these.

The set we will be using today is the Flourishing Floral set so let’s get started.

Firstly let’s do the cutting

Time to crank up your die cutter. The pictures show the cut pieces along with the dies used, and this is what you will need

These are the main pieces that will form the box.

Cut 2 of the base dies using Jet Black Craft Perfect cardstock. Using your bone folder, reinforce all fold lines

These will be used to decorate the top half of the front and back of the favour box.

Cut 2 pieces using the plain edged die in Marigold Yellow and another 2 in Bright White. Line up the edge of the die with the edge of your cardstock as this is open at the bottom. You could make it longer if you wanted.

Run the white pieces through your machine again using the verso die as shown.

Isn’t that honeycomb pattern just gorgeous!!  

Now for the side pieces.

Cut 2 pieces using the outside edge die in Marigold yellow and another 2 in Bright White.

Run the white pieces through your machine again using the verso die as shown

Using this outside edge die, cut 2 pieces in Marigold Yellow.

These will be used to decorate the bottom half of the front and back of the favour box.

Now for the sentiment.

Cut a white piece using the outside edge die and another in black. Run the black piece through your machine again using the verso die as shown.

Now let’s assemble our pieces

Stick both side pieces together, both the front and back pieces and the sentiment pieces as shown.

Time to start to put it all together

This is the right side of the die cut pieces here. Put strips of double-sided tape – I used red liner tape – on the tabs as shown. I’ve added arrows in case the tape doesn’t show up too well on the pictures.

On the rectangular bit of the die cut that will form the bottom of the box, put some strips of double-sided tape on one piece only. If you prefer to use wet glue then leave this step out.

This is the reverse side of the above die cuts.

Put strips of red liner tape on the tabs as shown. These will go underneath the bottom of the box.

Stick a piece of ribbon across one of these pieces and secure it at the back.

I used double-sided tape for this.

Now decorate the front as shown. Start with the side piece, then the top and then the bottom.

I’ve glued everything down flat but you might want to use dimensional pads.

Now do the same for the back.

Now remove the backing tape from the rectangular piece and place it over the one on the other piece. This is what it will look like. It might help to run some glue over the tape before pressing down. It gives you a bit of time to get it lined up nicely.

If you omitted the tape, then just glue these together.

Now remove the red liner tape from the other tabs. Tuck the bottom one underneath the box and fold the side tabs in.

It might help to remove the backing tape one bit at a time then you don’t get in a pickle with the sticky tape!!

Last jobs

I cut a piece of Jet Black cardstock to 10cm x 4cm and glued it to the bottom of the box. This not only hides the bottom tabs but it gives the box a bit more stability.

Now all you have to do is to is close the top – I used a little brad here but you could use ribbon or twine or even a little magnet – add a nice button and bow on the front and fill it with something lovely.


If you have a lot of these to make, for a wedding for example, do them stage by stage. It is a lot quicker than making them up one at a time.

There are little pin prick holes in the sentiment pieces I used here, and these would look lovely sewn these together as a change from gluing.

Use your bone folder and really crease the folds before you start.

You could easily turn the bottom piece that I used here – the yellow one with the ribbon across – into a little pocket where you could pop a gift card etc.

When sticking your ribbon down, lie the die cut flat on your desk, place your double-sided tape across it but make the tape strip longer on both sides. Then when you put your ribbon over it and tuck it round the back, the extra bit of tape will stick it down neatly.

Products Used

Tools - Tonic Studios - Tangerine - Tangerine Machine With Plates - 138e
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Tools - Tonic Studios - Tools - Crafter's Card Creaser - 1670e
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