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A step by step guide on how to craft the Superb Slider Box With Shabneez Khan-Muztar

What you will need

- Showcase Superb Slider Box Die Set

- Ice Rink Specialty Card

- Grass Green Classic Card

- Craft Perfect Woodland Walk Paper Pad

- Craft Perfect Autumn Maple Paper Pad

- Fresh Mint Pearlescent Card

- Tangerine Die Cutting Machine

- Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive

- Paper Trimmer

- Scissors

Step 1 - Making the Base 

Die cut the pieces below from green card. Join the 2 long pieces together and prise all the tabs down with your fingers.

Add glue to the 5 tabs at a time and stick them to one of the large circles you have die cut. Make sure you press and hold until they are firmly stuck before you glue the next set of 5 tabs. Continue until you have formed the circle. Add glue to all the top tabs and stick the second large green circle on the top. Press firmly.

Step 2 - Creating the Slider Box Cover 

Die cut 2 of the Outer Cylinders from white card. Stick together by adding glue along the tab. Cut a sheet of 6”x6” green printed paper in half and stick in the centre across the white cylinder base then trim off the excess on either side.

Die cut 2 of the medium sized green circles with the slit die on the top. I used washi tape to secure the slit die in between the guides. Die cut 2 of the semi circles with a design of your choice in white card and stick on to one of the green circles with glue.

Step 3

Prise down all the tabs on the outer cylinder, curve it and add glue to 5 tabs. Stick those 5 tabs down on to one of the green slit circles and hold until secure then do the same again until you have made the circle. Add glue to the side tab and stick to secure your cylinder.

Add glue to the top and stick the decorated circle on top with glue. I have decorated the cylinder using a tag from this set and a sunflower die cut from the Stamp Club Sunshine & Sunflowers set.

Step 4 – Creating the Drawer Compartments

To make one compartment, die cut 2 of the dies below in green card. Stick one die cut onto the other as shown in the first photo. Burnish the folds and add glue to 4 of the tabs and stick the top and bottom down.

Die cut 2 semi circles from green card and stick one above and one below the compartment carefully curving the side tabs before sticking down with glue. Repeat this step 2 more times so you have 3 compartments in total.

Step 5 – Creating the Drawers

Die cut the pieces shown below from light green card and the decorative element from white card then adhere with glue as shown.

Take the base and stick the back and then the sides. Curve the front panel and adhere the panel to the front with glue. Repeat this step so you have 3 drawers in total.

Step 6 – Assembling the Superb Slider Box

Die cut the elements below from white card. Curve the storage panel before adding glue to the hinges and adhering to both sides. Use the hinges to secure the storage panel to the central support die cut from green card with glue. Stick a die cut handle from light green card to the top and adhere the compartment on to a die cut mid size circle from green card.

Step 7

Stick the 3 compartments on top of each other with glue.

Die cut another compartment support die from green card and another handle from light green card. Put glue on the back of the compartment base and slide the compartment support piece through the tabs. Add glue to the tabs and stick down. Stick the handle on the top with glue. To finish, add glue to the back of both the compartments, the handle and the bottom and stick on to the circle base then press together to secure.

Use Shabneez's guide to create a variety of gorgeous Superb Slider Boxes

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