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Tonic - Tangerine - Tangerine Machine With Plates - 138e

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Introducing the Tonic Studios Tangerine Machine with Plates

The new Tangerine Die Cutting Machine is durable, long-lasting and with all metal parts, it's nothing to be sniffed at.

We aim to give the best cut possible by using equal pressure across the roller there won't be any weak pressure points. With this being made of all metal parts to try and avoid any wear and tear of the machine it also comes as a bulky machine weighing 7.12 kg (15.69 lbs).

In this set, you don't have to worry about buying any additional plates or mats everything you need so you are ready to start crafting from the moment you receive your machine. This is an A4 (letter size) die cutting machine and all of our dies will fit through this machine without any issues.

Please refer to the Tangerine instruction leaflet for full instructions on use or check out our blog to learn how to cut like a pro here!

What's included with your die cutting machine?

Each Machine comes with: A Handle, Set of Instructions on Plate Combinations, Raspberry Coloured Embossing Folder Plate, Green Colored Die Embossing Plate,  White Colored Top Plate, Orange Colored Die Cutting Plate.

The plates used may deteriorate over time, spare plates are available here

Top Tip:

Place your Tangerine on a clear flat surface allowing ample space for your layer plates to feed through uninterrupted.

It is important that the plates are used in the correct order. Using the wrong combination may result in damaging your machine or not creating the desired effect. The plates are colour coded for ease of use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Liz George
The Tangerine … I Love It

It is everything and more on what has been said about it. Only regret, I wish I had not waited so long to get it. I love the size of the plates (all that space) and all the dies at one time I can cut out from the smallest to the largest with only one pass. I received it very quickly (4 days from the day I ordered it). The size and weight of the Tangerine is great plus the top is flat so your plates can be placed on top of of it. I use them as another work area as I place my paper and dies and you are not having to bend over. Love it, love it and would highly recommend purchasing The Tangerine. I also wish I had known about it before I had previously purchased 3 other die cutting machines.

Mary Ann Fry
Why I love the Tonic Tangerine...

It's the plates! So easy and uncomplicated. I use them all. The embossing is beautiful. It cuts like butter!

Linda Barry

Customer service was amazing. I had the wrong delivery and billing address and they changed everything so quickly without any questions.

Andrea La Vigne
Awesome machine!

My former - discontinued - die cutting machine was in the process of biting the dust. Since I do quite a bit of die cutting, I needed a new machine. But I didn't want one that had relatively thin plates that would easily warp, something that seems to plague most die cutting machines. My former one had thick cutting plates & a thick platform, and I had never experienced any warping at all. Someone had suggested the Tangerine in a comment on a card-making YouTube video, as having thicker plates that wouldn't warp. So, I checked it out. It looked like a good-quality machine, and had excellent reviews, so I ordered it. And I have been very happy with my purchase so far! I have not tried running through an embossing folder or embossing with a die yet, so can't speak to the effectiveness of the machine for those purposes at this time. But I see no reason to doubt it would handle those operations just fine. I did keep the instruction manual for reference, mostly with the different sandwiches for die cutting, embossing, etc. My only "complaint," which is a very minor one, is that the only plates available are A4/Letter size. My old machine had a half-size plate/platform combo (about 5-1/2x8-1/2"), which had been an add-on purchase, as I recall, that I could use for smaller die cutting jobs. In fact, I used that more than the larger, approximately letter-size one that I had also purchased. (The larger was useful for large dies or die cutting multiple dies at once.) Using the smaller plate/platform just made the die cutting go faster, since I didn't have to crank through a large plate/platform for one or 2 little dies. It would be wonderful if the Tangerine had a similar option. I would gladly purchase it! But overall, the machine's pressure is excellent, and I like the fact that the "innards" are metal, rather than cheaper plastic. It is heavy, but I take that as a good sign of high quality workings. It cranks easily, too. The rubberized parts on the top, which I understand are to place the plates on as you set things up, are nice, though I honestly rarely use them. But, it's good to know they're there if I need them. The flip-out stabilizer on the bottom is a nice feature, though I'm not sure it makes a ton of difference in the machine's stability. The machine does still "dance" on the table when I'm running the plates through, so I'm considering putting a piece of non-skid shelf liner under it to see if that helps. Not a deal-breaker, though. Overall, it is a sturdy workhorse of a machine, that I highly recommend!

Heather Currie
The Tagerine Machine works really well.

The Tagerine Machine works really well. It is great for larg projects

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