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Designer's Choice 13 - Luxurious Lace Tutorial With Vianney Luna

This month’s Designer’s Choice, Luxurious Lace, is such a gorgeous staple for paper crafting. We can use the dies as edge dies, in endless combinations with each other, to make lace pieces, and so much more!

I will show you three simple projects. One is an easy way to make a gorgeous piece of lace, the other two are cards taken to the next level with this set.

Lace Embellishment Piece

Step 1

Trim a piece of paper to 1 ½” by 5 ½”. Choose an edge die and a coordinating straight cut in die. These are the dies I chose

Step 2

Take the straight cut in die, center it on the paper strip, secure with tape, and cut.

Step 3

Line up edge die on one side of the cut in, secure with tape, and cut.

Step 4

Take same edge die, line it up on opposite side, secure with tape, and cut.

Step 5

We created a gorgeous lace strip that we can use as an embellishment on any project! The combinations, widths, and arrangements are endless with these dies!

Angle Cut Card

Step 1

Cut a card base 4 ¼” by 11”. Score the card base at 5 ½”. Chose any combination of edge die and cut in die. These are the two I chose

Step 2

Place both dies right next to each other at an angle across the card front. Secure with tape, and cut.

Step 3

Cut a card insert to just shy of 4 ¼” by 5 ½”. Use any stamps and toppers you would like for the card front.

Step 4

Stamp or embellish the card front.

Step 4

Adhere the card insert to inside of card base.

Step 5

Add any other embellishments and a sentiment!

We’ve created a beautiful card

With a sweet Dainty, angled edge!

Layered Doily Card

Step 1

Cut a card base to 4 ¼” by 11”. Score and fold at 5 ½”. Cut another piece of cardstock to 4” by 5 ½”. Choose one of the larger edge dies and a complementary cut in. These are the ones I chose

Step 2

Place the edge die across the bottom of the 4” by 5 ½” paper, layer on the cut in die. Secure with tape, and cut.

Step 3

Layer dies in the same way and cut on opposite side of the cardstock piece.

Step 4

Use any combination of papers and die cut topper. I cut a piece of striped paper to 1 5/8” by 5 ½”, pearlescent purple cardstock at 1 ¼” by 5 ½”, and then I die cut a topper with a wedding theme.

Step 5

Adhere the larger strip to die cut cardstock.

Step 6

Adhere the smaller paper strip over the previous one.

Step 7

Adhere die cut topper.

Step 8

Use dimensional adhesive to layer card topper to card base.

Just a few steps to create a gorgeous card

Made more beautiful with the combination of cut ins and simple layers.

The Luxurious Lace set is so versatile and easy to work with.

In this quick tutorial I layered together two dies at a time, but the dies can also layer in much more elaborate combinations.

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