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Good Luck Greeting Card Make With Janice Quintero

What you will need

— White Card blank A2
— Venetian Gold Mirror Card
— Smooth card white cut into A2 size
— Golden Stars Sequins
— Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive
— Alcohol Markers in: 401 Lemon Drops
— Scissors
— Pencil
— Black felt tip marker/pen

Step 1

Grab your white card piece and lemon drops marker. Color the top third diagonally in this color using the chiseled side. To get rid of any harsh lines just go over in the same marker.

Step 2

The next middle third, color in bright sunflower. Use the lemon drops marker to blend where the two colors meet by coloring over it.

Step 3

The last section will be colored in Indian Saffron. Blend this with the bright sunflower.

Tip: Do not worry about perfecting the blend as the die you will be using will be small enough to hide it.

Step 4

We will be using the hello word die. Place at the top left at the angle we have been drawing and make sure the whole word will be placed on it closest to the edge without cutting any words off, and die cut. Use wash tape as needed to keep the die from moving.

Step 5

After its been die cut, place it in the same location onto the white card blank without gluing. Placing it will help with assembly later.

Step 6

To the left of the hello on the paper we are using to die cut, place the hello die in front of it leaving a small gap between the o and H. It will be just a small piece that will be die cut but that is ok as this will happen with the pattern we are making. Die cut it and place the cut piece onto white card.

Step 7

We will be repeating this process all the way down to the bottom right of the paper, all while placing the cut pieces in the same locations onto the white card.

Step 8

When completed, cut one last hello in the Venetian gold mirror card.

Step 9

Now we are ready to glue down the pieces to the card base. Make sure the opening of the card is at the bottom. Starting at either end, glue the backside and place it onto the card. Repeat for all pieces.

Step 10

Grab the Venetian gold hello and in the bottom right should be another complete hello. You will want to glue the gold piece to the top of it and line it up.

Step 11

Now that all pieces are glued down, trim off all excess pieces.

Step 12

Grab your glue and sequins. Place a few dots at a time randomly onto the card and put sequins on top. Repeat until you have finished from top to bottom of the card.

Step 13

Open the card and we will begin decorating the bottom half of the card. Grab your congrats die and majestic gold pearlescent card and die cut it.

Step 14

Glue the congrats to the card centered just a little below the fold.

Step 15

With a pencil, under the right part of the congrats, write “and” and in the center of the card, using a ruler as a guide, write in large letters “Good Luck!”

Step 16

Once you like the placement, trace back over with a marker and erase pencil marks.

Step 17

In my original card I enclosed the “Good Luck” in a yellow rectangle, if you’d like to use this shape you can use a ruler to help create an outline in a yellow marker (I used lemon drops) and then fill in the rest of the shape with the same marker.

Step 18

As an extra border, add a few drops to the outline of the yellow rectangle and add sequins.

Step 19

All done!

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