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A review of the Designer's Choice Fantasy Floral Frame

This cute dinky A6 Designer’s Choice might seem small, but it’s packed with versatility :D In this blog post I’ll run through a few ideas of ways to use this small but mighty Fantasy Floral Frame die set :D

Firstly a nice idea is to create a matching gift tag to go with your card, and I think the rectangle die in this set is a lovely size for a large gift tag :D Then for the matching card you can simply add the floral frame around it, and add it to your desired size of card.

I love to use intricate dies to create that faux embossed look on the background of your card, and the floral frame section of this Designer’s Choice die works fabulously for this! And to save card you can just use small bits to cut the areas you want rather than having to cut the whole frame multiple times :D 

Another old favourite is to create a shaker card! There are multiple ways you could use this set to create a shaker, but I thought I’d show you the smallest shaker you can make, however I think the full frame on the next card example would also make a fabulous shaker too :D 

What about using all those ‘waste’ arches for pieces you’ve cut for other cards? Gather them all up and use them to create an overall background pattern for your card :D And this card also shows you how you can use that gorgeous floral frame as an anchor point for your sentiment too :D 

Why not repeat that gorgeous little arch shape, this is a fantastic way to stretch a small die into working for a larger or in this case longer card :D Imagine 4 of these in a grid configuration on a square card, or how about 4 of the first project I showed matted onto a really large card, splitting the die set down into smaller elements gives endless design possibilities :D 

You get a design to go in the centre of the arch, but why not switch it up, here I’ve used a portion of that outside floral frame, but think about other detailed dies you have in your stash too :D 

And what about using that largest ‘bubble’ die in the set to create your own shaped cards! This size would also make a fantastic oversized gift tag too :D 

And speaking of shaped cards, simply score the front section in half parallel to the hinge and create your own shaped easel card too :D

I hope you enjoyed this plethora of ideas of ways to use this month’s fabulous Designer’s Choice die set :D Check out my Up Close video to hear all of this (and possibly more) in verbal form too :D Christine xxx

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