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How to assemble the Tonic Studios Alluring Perfume die set

What you will need

- Alluring Perfume Bottles Die Set

- Tangerine Die Cutting Machine

- Bone Folder

- Pink 240 GSM Base Card

- Bright White, and Jet Black Craft Perfect Card

- Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive/Permanent Double sided liner tape

- Pink Craft Perfect Ribbon

- Hot Glue Gun

Step 1

Cut out base dies as shown, three bases (bottom), three lid bases (middle), and two tops.

Step 2

Adhere the base die cuts, scoring all the fold lines. 

Step 3

Die cut the decorative layering dies for the base. 

Step 4

Decorate the base. 

Step 5

Adhere each side of the base as shown, paying attention to the way it sits. 

Step 6

Completed base.

Step 7

Adhere the three lid base die cuts, scoring the fold lines. 

Step 8

Die cut the decorative panels.

Step 9

Adhere the decorative panels and then glue the lid shut. 

Step 10

Score all the folds and adhere the two tops. 

Step 11

Die cut the decorative panels.

Step 12

Adhere the decorative panels and then glue together as shown.

Step 13

Completed top and lid.

Step 14

Use the glue tabs and adhere the top to the inside of the lid as shown. 

Step 15

Adhered top and lid. 

Step 16

Die cut three sets of tabs. 

Step 17

Adhere them to the centre of the base as shown. You will need to hold the tabs in place until the glue is completely dry or else they will pop off. 

Step 18

Die cut the heart set dies

Step 19

You can add this to the middle of your perfume bottle with thin ribbon. 

Step 20

Alternatively, you can add pink ribbon to the top of the perfume bottle and secure your heart tag with hot glue. 

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