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Tangerine - Orange Die Cutting Plate - 142e



Replacement base plate for the Tonic Tangerine Die Cutting Machine.

This plate is the cutting plate used when die cutting with the Tangerine Die Machine.  Ensure the cutting edge of the die is facing this plate.

Please refer to the Tangerine instruction leaflet for full instructions on use or check out our blog to learn how to cut like a pro here!

The plates used may deteriorate over time, spare plates are available here

Top Tip:

The plates will wear over time so make sure you use both sides for extended life!

Some intricate dies may not cut in one pass. If necessary rotate your die and card 90° and cut again. Additionally, embossing your die cut shapes can aid stubborn cuts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mountain gal
Tangerine rocks

Feel fortunate to have the tangerine machine and now have a new set of plates. Wow.

BJ Matt
Tonic orange cutting plates

Can’t say enough about how good these plates are. They don’t Warp! I highly recommend them!!! Just wish they could keep them in stock here in the US.

Janell Vickrey
Orange Tangerine plate

This is an extra. The one I received with my Tangerine is still working great. No warping at all.

Bobbie Jo M.

I like this cutting plate. It stays flat and it cuts fantastic!!!p

Harlan K.

The Tangerine is simply the best and original manufacturer parts are the only way to go. This is perfect. My original plates are still useable, I have this in my “for future use” stash.

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