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Nuvo - Jewel Drops - Honeysuckle - 638n

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Nuvo Jewel Drops create a self-levelling embellishment to decorate your crafting projects -

- 1fl oz bottle

- Translucent finish 

- Each drop produces a perfect domed effect 

- Formula dries hard to ensure durability 

- Precision nozzle to ensure a controlled application

- Easy to squeeze bottle 

- Available in a variety of colors

- Use to write freehand or with stencils - Produces an incredible effect 

- Use the drops on non-stick sheets or glass to remove and keep for another crafty day

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Pamela K.

    This is a great pink

    Pamela K.

    The color is stunning and it looks great on my cards

    Lori S.

    I love Nuvo drops in all their many forms. I like the Glitter ones to add bling, especially to hearts, graphic designs, characters' clothes and jewelry, etc. I like the Dream Drops to add pearlescence to the same types of things. I like the Jewel drops to add translucent color that just livens up objects like centers of flowers, accents within larger tableaux, and especially to created a dotted background (sometimes I put down three dots in an equilateral triange to make a plain field a little more snazzy). I love the Crystal drops for the same items as above but when a more solid (not translucent) effect is desired. I love the self-leveling feature; it makes making perfectly rounded little dots so easy. I always thought that Honeysuckle was more toward a mango color, but I guess not based on the color of this product. It's a pretty shade of pink. There are many, many Nuvo products of this ilk in the pink family, so look carefully.


    So Fun!
    I Love all of the Nuvo Drops. The Jewel Drops add a tiny hint of color and shine to your project. I use them mostly for embellishments on my cards.

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