Measuring 14”x23” with a sleek black surface, the Tim Holtz Glass Media Mat is a fantastic multi-functional tool for creating on your workspace. The 12”x14” measuring grid features imperial and metric measurements, and the white 7.5”x11” mixing palette area (complete with a durable non-stick mat) is ideal for preparing wet mediums. In addition to the Media Mat, the range includes a Replacement Non-Stick Mat and a Media Tool Set, complete with a Media Scraper for removing material from your non-stick mat and the Media Edge for drawing and cutting.

Estimated Shipping dates For Media Mat and Replacment Mat USA: February

Estimated Shipping date for Media Tool Kit USA: April

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Tim Holtz Glass Media Mat - 1914e

The Glass Media Mat features a sleek black 14"x23" work surface, complete with a 12"x14" measuring grid and a 7.5"x11" mixing palette area (includes a durable non-stick mat).

Tim Holtz Replacement Non-Stick Mat (for product 1914e) - 1915e

A heavy-duty replacement non-stick mat with a heat resistant top surface and non-slip base surface for use with the Tim Holtz Glass Media Mat (1914e).

Tim Holtz Media Tool Set - 2124e

The Media Tool Set is the perfect companion to your Tim Holtz Glass Media Mat. The Media Edge is a 14" guide with a metal and tapered edge for cutting and drawing, and the Media Scraper removes material from your non-stick mat.