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Tonic Family Step by Step

Now available on the Tonic Studios Store!

Make your loved ones smile with the adorable Tonic Family Die Collection full of dressable characters and accessories that radiate personality.

The Children and Adults Die Sets are infinitely customisable, allowing you to create charming scenes with the accessories included within each.

Choose to purchase individually, or the complete bundle at up to 35% off for the next seven days.

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Key Features

  • Characters are fully customizable.
  • Find slim shapes on each set for feminine compositions.
  • Find wider shapes on each set for masculine compositions.
  • You will have 2 types of bodies, different arms, shoes, hair, clothes, and accessories.


The new Tonic Family die collection will allow you to fully customize characters to any gender or age to create paper craft projects for any occasion.

You can transform each character to suit your crafty needs.

Here we have a guide to get you started.

Step by Step

Identify dies to be used for your composition and die cut different paper colours.

Glue arms behind the body shape

Glue the head over the neck area on the front of the die-cut shape. Glue it a bit tilted for a more happy expression.

Affix the clothes.

Let's start adding details

Add hair. There are several hairstyles on each die set. By adding the hair first you can identify where to glue eyes, mouth and glasses.

Glue the eyes, nose or lips and accessories.

Embellish. You can also add colour to the characters' cheeks with plain pastels or eye shadows.


Get fun creating different characters or members of the family!

Top Tips:

  • Start by assembling the big parts first and then add small die cuts or details.
  • Die-cut different coloured card stock or paper to create different parts of the characters.
  • You can also die-cut white smooth card stock and apply colours using Nuvo Alcohol Markers.
  • You can also die-cut watercolour paper and use Nuvo Aqua Flow Pens or watercolour Pencils.
  • The colours chosen will have a dramatic impact on your composition.

Choose to purchase individually, or the complete bundle at up to 35% off for the next seven days

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