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Delightful Dresser Tutorial With Ruth Hamilton

The delightful Dresser and Advent Accessory Gift Box Die Set is another of the fabulous launches for the Tonic Studios Birthday Week!

This is a very large die set with 51 dies and can be used to make a dresser with various types of decoration, an advent calendar and numerous other 3D boxes. You can also see how I made a different dresser and adapted the dies to make a 3 drawer box in my video here

Some of the beautiful lattice panels can also be used in card making. 

What you will need

This is the die set with 51 dies in total!

  • Sturdy card for the base - I used Craft Perfect Bright White 300gsm Smooth Card
  • Craft Tacky Glue (or hi tack tape)
  • Patterned paper to decorate
  • Small brad
  • Ribbon

Step 1

Cut out the main die twice and fold the score lines.

Step 2

Glue the 2 bases together as shown.

Step 3

Die cut 12 of the shelf dies and 12 of the drawer dies.

Step 4

Glue the shelf die cuts together as shown in the steps above.

Step 5

Glue the 12 finished shelves into the dresser.

Step 6

Glue the drawer die cuts together as shown in the steps above.

Step 7

Glue the shelves into the dresser.

Step 8

Die cut 2 of the door dies.

Step 9

Fold the score lines as shown above.

Step 10

Fold the sides in and glue as shown to make a 3D door frame.

Step 11

Fold the last piece over and glue in place leaving the outside tab as the hinge.

Step 12

Die cut the top pieces for the dresser and glue together as shown.

Step 13

Glue onto the top of the dresser.

Step 14

Die cut 2 of each of the dies shown and fold on the score lines.

Step 15

Glue together to form a base for the dresser.

Step 16

Glue onto the bottom of the dresser.

NB. I have done all the basic dresser die cutting first and then cut the decorative panels, therefore I have left the sides of the base unglued until the patterned paper is added. You can decorate first if you like.

Step 17

Die cut 4 panels of patterned paper and glue 2 back to back. Glue to the insides of the door frames.

Step 18

Using the dies shown, cut out the decorative panels and glue in place.

Step 19

Using the dies shown, cut out the decorative panels and glue in place. Glue a 12.5cm x 9cm panel of patterned paper onto the back of the dresser.

Step 20

Cut out the dies shown on the right and glue onto the door and bottom of the dresser. Add ribbon to the handles.

Step 21

Die cut 2 of the larger dies in white card and 1 of the smaller in patterned paper. Glue together and add the brad.

Step 22

Attach the brad to the centre of the top of the dresser. 

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