Brand New - Nuvo Crackle Mousse

Join Jodie Johnson on Create & Craft TV tomorrow at 11:15am & 5:15pm for your chance to get the incredible Brand New Nuvo Crackle Mousse.

The Nuvo Crackle Mousse is perfect for adding vintage textured details to your media cards and projects with a single application and without heat.

For the use with or without stencils the Crackle Mousse adds a rustic opaque distressed effect, creating cracks as it dries.

Experiment with your mousse by increasing the thickness to change the size and extent of the crackle.

Nuvo Tool Kit

Whether you are buffing or blending, these Nuvo Tools are
the perfect choice for a using with a variety of mediums, from the Brand New Crackle Mousse, to Embellishment Mousse or Hybrid Inks.

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