Tonic - Luxury Storage - Storage Tray - 2970e

by Tonic Studios
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"Introducing the Luxury Storage Collection from Tonic Studios, giving you a place for everything where everything’s in its place! Organise and collate all your Tonic dies, stamps and much more with the Storage Tray and its practical accessories. The die and stamp refill kits contain wallets that fit easily in the stamp tray, you can also divide your wallets up with the plastic divider inserts. Finally hold all your wallets and dividers in place with the Dividing Bar that clips effortlessly to the walls of the Luxury Storage Tray.

External dimensions: 205mm x 345mm x 100mm / 8"" x 13.5"" x 4""
Internal drawer dimensions: 190mm x 330mm x 90mm / 7.5"" x 13"" x 3.5"""

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