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Nuvo Mixed Media Backgrounds - Card Making Bundle - HT3

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Your Card Making Bundle Contains;

Media Spatulas, 2 Pack - 977n

Low Tack Die Cutting Tape - 9745e

Embellishment Mousse, Angel Eyes - 841n

Embellishment Mousse, Aquamarine - 807n

Embellishment Mousse, Poppy Pink - 834n

Duck Egg Blue, Crystal Drop - 680n

Glossy Simple White, Crystal Drop - 651n


Find out more below;

Media Spatulas

The Nuvo Media Spatulas are the ideal companion to any mixed media project. The various sizes are great for applying, mixing and spreading product over a large area or through a stencil. They work brilliantly with a variety of mediums including paint and pastes. The flexible silicone palette ends easily glide across your surface, and the painted metallic grey wooden handles offer a sturdy and comfortable hold.

Nuvo Media Spatulas 2 Pack offers the following features as the ideal companion to any mixed media project -

✓ Two spatulas per pack

Flat Straight head spatula - head dimensions 7.0cm x 3.5cm (2.8" x 1.4")

Angled head spatula - head dimensions 7.0cm x 3.0cm (2.8" x 1.2")

Heads are made of flexible silicone

✓ Product length 16cm (6.3")

Work brilliantly with a variety of mediums including paints and pastes 

Sturdy wooden handle with a dark grey metallic finish designed for a comfortable hold

Easy to clean - simply wash with hot soapy water


Low Tack Tape

Unlike traditional tapes, our low tack tape is specially formulated to have a gentle adhesive that holds your materials in place during the cutting process without damaging them. This means you can use it on delicate materials such as paper, cardstock, and even vellum without worrying about tearing or distortion.

This tape is available in a size of 19mm wide x 10 meters. Each pack contains 2 rolls. Its high-quality construction and durable design ensure that it will last through multiple crafting projects, making it a great value for money.

2 Rolls

19mm wide x 10 meters

Low Tack for a gentle adhesion

No need to worry about tearing or distortion of Cardstock and Vellum

Leaves no residue or marks on your materials

High quality construction and durable

Lasts through multiple uses


    Angel Eyes, Poppy Pink & Aquamarine, Embellishment Mousse

    The Nuvo Embellishment Mousse is perfect for highlighting your artwork with smooth metallic details, provided by the highly-pigmented mica powder. Ideal for use with or without stencils, the Embellishment Mousse adds a unique lustrous shine to your papercraft projects and beyond. This versatile mousse is perfect for gilding your designs or using as a stencil paste. For even more brilliant effects, try watering it down for painting and spritzing.

    Nuvo Embellishment Mousse is perfect for a variety of Mixed Media project, by providing you the following feature -

     62.5g jar

     Easy to apply mousse contains high pigmented mica powder to provide a lustrous shine

     Use for gliding and stencilling

      Water down for painting and spritzing

     Available in a variety of colours

      Sturdy see-through plastic jar with screw lid to keep the paste in good condition when not in use

      Jar has a large opening - easy to return excess paste to the jar


    Duck Egg Blue & Simple White Crystal Drop

    Nuvo Crystal Drops add eye-catching three-dimensional embellishments quickly and easily to your craft projects. With thirty-six colours in the range, you’ll never be short of choices to match any colour palette. Whether you’re using them to write, stencil or freehand, putting the finishing touches on your design has never been simpler with Nuvo Crystal Drops. Their self-levelling formula ensures rounded dots that keep their shape and stick to a variety of mediums. Use the drops on non-stick sheets or glass to remove and keep for another day.

    Nuvo Crystal Drops creates eye-catching three-dimensional embellishments quickly and easily to your craft projects and offers the following features -  

     30ml bottle

     Available in both pearlescent and gloss finish

     Each drop produces a perfect domed effect

     Formula dries hard to ensure durability

     Precision nozzle to ensure a controlled application 

     Easy to squeeze bottle

     Available in a wide variety of colours 

     677 drops in every bottle 

     Use to write free hand or with stencils - Produces an incredible effect

    Use the drops on non-stick sheets or glass to remove and keep for another crafty day

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