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Nuvo Full Alcohol Marker Pen Collection (72 pack) - 353N



The alcohol-based Nuvo Marker Pens come in brilliantly vibrant colors and are ideal for blending with similar shades or use alongside the Blending Pen to create gradients and other stunning effects.

The dual-tip of each pen contains both fine detail and a chisel nib, making them a superb option for coloring stamped images. The tapered body ensures a comfortable hold with either the thick or thin end, allowing you to use it with optimum creative results.

This Full Collection pack contains all 72 dual-tipped alcohol markers within the range; these beautiful colors include the Essential Collection 350N, Mid-Tone Collection 351N and the Bright & Dark Collection 352N.

Key Features:

 72 Nuvo Alcohol Markers in a sturdy plastic storage box 

 Alcohol-based ink to provide an effortlessly smooth color 

 Dual tip pen - fine detail and a chisel nib

 Fine detail nib for delicate coloring details 

 Chisel nib to fill wide areas with color 

 Tapered body provides a comfortable hold 

 Easily blendable with similar shades 

Use the Nuvo Blending Pen (507n) to create gradients and other stunning effects 

 Wide assortment of colors available 

Nuvo Alcohol Marker Full Pen Collection

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Marina Clark
70 out of 72 nuvo pens work

Great purchase although two of the colours don’t work.

Arlene P.

I like the new alcohol markers but my first love will always be Copics!

Lolly G.

Excellent price. These work welll, blend well, and are brilliant colors. Hoping they will eventually do open stock so we can replace the most used colors. Love them!

Jenny C.

Thank you!!!

I purchased your original alcohol markers mainly for the price point. As much as I wanted to love them ... I actually hated them. The shape was difficult to manage and I ALWAYS struggled to remove the caps - not to mention having trouble replacing them to seal properly. Finding the color I wanted was also difficult. I usually gave up in frustration - or switched to another brand - instead of completing a project.

The new shape of this product alone is reason to purchase them. Other refinements, like cap color, name and number are lovely additions. Now I actually WANT to use them! Although I am accustomed to a brush tip I’m sure I will learn to appreciate the bullet nib. The new cases are pretty impressive as well. I love that the open lids hold the markers at a very usable angle.

In all, at less than $2 each these seem to be a very good value for the money. Even better when on sale.

Well done!

Neisa R.

Love, love love it!!! Great set.

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