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Nuvo Marker Pen Core Collection - 24 Pens - 529N

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This 24-pack of Alcohol Markers has been thoughtfully put together as our Core Collection, offering brilliantly vibrant colors and is ideal for blending with similar shades or use alongside the Blending Pen to create gradients and other stunning effects.

Each pen's dual-tip contains fine detail and a chisel nib, making them a superb option for coloring stamped images. In addition, the tapered body ensures a comfortable hold with either the thick or thin end, allowing you to use it with optimum creative results.

Key Features:

 24 Nuvo Alcohol Markers in a sturdy plastic storage box

Alcohol-based ink to provide an effortlessly smooth color

Dual tip pen - fine detail and a chisel nib

 Fine detail nib for delicate coloring details

 Chisel nib to fill wide areas with color

Tapered body provides a comfortable hold

 Easily blendable with similar shades

Use the Nuvo Blending Pen (507n) to create gradients and other stunning effects

Wide assortment of colors available

Pens Included;

366n Spectra Green
375n Plum Tomato
389n Honeycomb
392n Fruit Punch
403n Bright Sunflower
404n Butterscotch
410n Pistachio Lime
417n Hunter Green
428n Blueprint
430n Ultramarine
432n Violet Breeze
434n Wild Thistle
439n Sugar Plum
451n Pink Lady
461n Hazelnut Truffle
465n Rich Walnut
466n Shorthorn Brown
475n Apricot Blush
476n Ginger Peach
485n Feather Grey
487n Turtle Dove
489n Dark Slate
491n Black Smoke
508n Pitch Black

Alcohol Marker Full Pen Collection

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