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Nuvo Jewel Drops



Our fantastic Nuvo Jewel Drops create a self-levelling dimensional dot embellishment with a translucent finish. The subdued shades provide a softer touch to your design, which can be used in combination with various cardstock to create unique effects. The Nuvo Jewel Drop formula dries hard, making them a superb choice for use in a number of projects, from papercraft to home decor. Ideal for creating custom mixed media dots, they are also fun to draw or letter with. You can even use Jewel Drops on non-stick sheets or glass, allow to dry, and then remove to keep for use in a later project.

Key Features:

1fl oz bottle

Translucent finish 

Each drop produces a perfect domed effect 

Formula dries hard to ensure durability 

Precision nozzle to ensure a controlled application

Easy to squeeze bottle 

Use to write freehand or with stencils - Produces an incredible effect 

Use the drops on non-stick sheets or glass to remove and keep for another crafty day

Available in a variety of colors


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Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Christy Ruesing
Love this product

I'm a huge fan of the Nuvo drops. I've purchased many and will likely purchase more in the future. The colors are beautiful and the finish gives a lovely effect.

Love it

It is a very pretty color and makes a nice sphere!

Jackie Connel

Love them


Nuvo Jewel Drops are the best! A light “extra”, Nuvo makes your project just that much more beautiful.

Debra Cherney
Very disappointed. There isn't much color when using jewel drops.

I used them on black and they show no color at all on black. I also used them on a lighter sage green. They appeared this best on this color tone. Better than white and far better than black. I don't think any of the 8 that I purchased will be used much. The other Nuvo drop options are much better.

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