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Nuvo - Aqua Flow Pens - Autumn Woodland - 890n

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Nuvo Autumn Woodland Aqua Flow Pens

The Autumn Woodland Aqua Flow Pens are uniquely designed to create stunning watercolor effects in a variety of vibrant colors without mess or hassle. These bright water-based pens offer highly pigmented and colorful inks which seamlessly absorb into the paper for a smooth watercolor finish. The synthetic watercolor brush nib is perfectly formed and incredibly fluid to use, making this amazingly versatile pen perfect for adding small detail or color-washing larger areas. Each pen has its own reservoir, complete with a non-drip valve, so you don’t need to worry about it leaking in storage.

✓ Beautiful color range

✓ Water-based

✓ Quickly and easily add a watercolor effect

✓ Smooth synthetic nib

✓ Pens contain reservoir and non-drip valve

✓ Comes in a medium-sized nib

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
N. L Cosby

I purchased 5 sets of 3 and received a glitter aqua pen in a Tonic kit. The price was excellent, but I soon learned why. I opened all pens, removed the protective ring and pressed where indicated as the packaging instructed, but nothing came out. The pens were all stored cap up, tightened down completely yet no ink came to the brush heads. Upon opening the first set of pens, I discovered there was very little or no ink remaining in the cartridges, the same was found in the remaining sets. I found out the hard way, all the ink had leaked into each barrel making a mess of my clothes, computer, work station and half roll of paper towels. Needless to say, I will NOT be purchasing any Nuvo aqua flow pens in the future.

Brenda Argyle

Are they supposed to shimmer & sparkle?

Mashell Moore
nuvo products

nuvo products are a very high quality and never disappoint! In the case of Nuvo products...more is definitely better! :)

Marianne Lang

I have enjoyed using the Aqua Flow pens and plan to purchase more sets as time goes on. I'm not great at using color but I'm learning.

Diane K.
Beautiful intense water color

Love the addition of the woodland pens for my watercolor projects.

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