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Tonic - Shaker Creator - Large Mug Die & Shaker Set - 3370e

by Tonic Studios
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Product Description

Introducing your new Large Mug Die & Shaker Set. In various shapes, these shakers will make a perfect addition to your cards. Fill your shaker blisters with your Nuvo glitter, sequins and confetti!

Add kinetic sparkle and shine to your craft projects with the Shaker Creator range of dies, blisters and stamps! Every wonderfully shaped shaker blister has the perfect die available to cut the ideal aperture. Create centrepiece birthday cards with our full range of Shaker Creator Numeral die and blister, or wonderfully themed shakers with the Tots Toys, Coffee & Tea and Cheers die and blister sets!

Look out for more amazing Shaker Creator Die & Shaker sets!

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