Sweet Nothing - Treasured Token - 1317E

Tonic Studios

$7.60  $18.99

The Treasured Token Die Set makes an envelope perfect to fit Business Cards, Gift Cards and RSVPs it also comes with 2 sentiments which you can choose to use or write in your own personalized message in the center of the envelope. All of the die sets in this range are verso meaning you can either cut the design out of the card or leave it in.

Die Sizes:

Envelope Die: 114x114mm
Left Outer Cutting Flap Die: 27x53mm
Left Design Die: 31x16.5mm
Right Outer Cutting Flap Die: 27x53mm
Right Design Die: 20.5x34mm
Top Outer Cutting Flap Die: 34x83mm
Top Design Flap Die: 24x63mm
Bottom Outer Cutting Flap Die; 27x83mm
Bottom Design Flap Die: 16x67mm
Inner Cutting Die: 85x55mm
Inner Design Die: 78.5x49mm
Sentiment For You: 32x15mm
Sentiment RSVP: 32x15mm
Sentiment A Gift: 32x15mm [vc_video link="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZCsKzw-Jqc" align="center"]

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