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Your Watercolour Pencils Bundle Contains

Nuvo Watercolour Pencils add a smooth watercolour effect to your project, working effortlessly with a variety of different techniques. The pencils can be mixed with water to blend, layer and combine illustrative elements in a range of tones and shades. With a soft, highly pigmented core, the bold and vivid colours ensure your designs always stand out. The pencils can be used over a large surface area to create beautiful washes or subtle backgrounds. For even more versatility, the lead is non-permanent so the colours can be reworked again after drying.

 Vibrant Pigments

 Non Permanent

✓ Wide colour range

 Soft easy to use lead

 Stylish Tin

Type Code Variation Size
WATERCOLOUR PENCILS 523N Elementary Midtones 12 Pack
WATERCOLOUR PENCILS 520N Brilliantly Vibrant 12 Pack
WATERCOLOUR PENCILS 522N Pastel Highlights 12 Pack

Available until the 11th of May

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