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Nuvo - Mousse & Paste Bundle - USB556

by Craft Perfect
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Your Mousse & Paste Bundle Contains

The Nuvo Mousse & Paste bundle is perfect for highlighting your artwork with smooth metallic details. Ideal for use with or without stencils, the Embellishment Mousse adds a unique lustrous shine to your papercraft projects and beyond. The Nuvo Crackle Mousse is perfect for adding vintage textured details to your media cards and projects with a single application and without heat. The pastes are beautifully effective on a variety of materials, including fabric, acetate, glass and wood, making this versatile product the perfect choice for papercraft and other mediums.

Type Code Variation
EMBELL MOUSSE 802N Indian Gold
CRACKLE MOUSSE 1396N Ivory Coast
CRACKLE MOUSSE 1398N Egyptian Gold
GLACIER PASTE 1900N Golden Era
GLACIER PASTE 1903N Quick Silver
EMBELL MOUSSE 809N Fresh Copper

Available until 9th of February 

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