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Nuvo - Glitter, Confetti & Sequins Bundle - USB653

by Nuvo
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Product Description

Your Glitter, Confetti & Sequins Bundle Contains

These stunning glitters, confetti and sequins come in decorative glass bottles which are easy to pour and return to the bottle for future use. Offering unique iridescent and flat glitter effects that are perfect for special occasions and creative projects. 

Type Code Variation
SEQUINS 1142N Vanilla Delight
CONFETTI 1061N Muted Mauve Hexagons
SEQUINS 1140N Prickly Pear
SEQUINS 1141N Periwinkle Blue
CONFETTI 1063N Victorian Rose Hexagons
CONFETTI 1062N Red Carpet Circles
CONFETTI 1073N Fiery Pheonix Circles


Available until 8th of June

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