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Nuvo - Embellishment Mousse - Fresh Copper - 809n



Nuvo Fresh Copper Embellishment Mousse

The Nuvo Embellishment Mousse in Fresh Copper is perfect for highlighting your artwork with smooth metallic details provided by the highly-pigmented mica powder. Ideal for use with or without stencils, the Embellishment Mousse adds a unique lustrous shine to your papercraft projects and beyond. This versatile mousse is perfect for gilding your designs or using as a stencil paste. For even more brilliant effects, try watering it down for painting and spritzing.

The Nuvo Embellishment Mousse is perfect for highlighting your artwork with smooth metallic details provided by the highly-pigmented mica powder and offers the following features - 

 2.2 fl oz jar

  Easy-to-apply mousse contains high-pigmented mica powder to provide a lustrous shine

 Use for gliding and stencilling

 Water down for painting and spritzing

 Available in a variety of colors

 Sturdy see-through plastic jar with screw lid to keep the paste in good condition when not in use

 Jar has a large opening - easy to return excess paste to the jar

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
SS Diva
Embellishment Mousse

I love the embellishment mousse. You can apply it thin or thick and the shine in it is beautiful!

Heidi M.

I absolutely love this color and it makes a great pop of color for fall cards or for masculine cards.

Linda G B.

Great texture for backgrounds!

Janet G.

I am using my Embellishing Mousse far more than I thought I would and now have several colors--I think 12. This is a great product to work with, smooth and easy to spread either with a brush or using a stencil. The colors are great. I often make my own shimmer paper so I have just the color I need.

Lori S.

These Mousse products from Nuvo intrigued me. I ended up waiting until they were 50% off and then buying a bunch... like about 15. I got a wide variety of colors and I am partial to greens, blues, and aquas. I made a backdrop for a card using a leaf stencil and a light green Nuvo mousse. "Mousse" is accurate, but think of a dish of "mousse au chocolat" (chocolate mousse) that has sat around during an evening, uneaten... how it's sort of congealed or condensed and in a lump, not fluffy and puffy. When you open this jar (pot), which comes w/ a foil liner, by the way, the mousse is moist but not gloppy. You sort of have to scoop it out. It spreads very easily; it's slick against the paper. I used my fingers to spread it over the leaf stencil (see image) but the next day I used my new spatula that arrived that morning. Both spread the mousse well -- the only difference was the uniformity of the level of mousse.

Unfortunately I cannot tell you how long the mousse takes to dry completely. I would say a thin layer would be dry in an hour or maybe less. If you really glob it on the paper in a thick layer, it might take a few hours. I left this card base to dry overnight. It was beautiful in the morning and ready to make into a card.

This color would be gorgeous in a fall leaf composition with oranges, reds, coppers, golds, etc.

I think this company makes outstanding products. The only one I have not been dazzled by is the Stone Drops, and, to be fair, I have not purchased them. I've watched videos online and read product descriptions and have just thought "meh."

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