Nuvo - Embellishment Mousse Bundle - USB640

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Your Christmas Embellishment Mousse Bundle Contains

The Nuvo Embellishment Mousse is perfect for highlighting your artwork with smooth metallic details, provided by the highly-pigmented mica powder. Ideal for use with or without stencils, the Embellishment Mousse adds a unique lustrous shine to your papercraft projects and beyond. This versatile mousse is perfect for gilding your designs or using as a stencil paste. For even more brilliant effects, try watering it down for painting and spritzing.

62.5g/2.2oz pots

 Highly pigmented mica powder

 Can use for gilding and stencilling

 Water down for painting and spritzing

 Available in 24 colours

 20 uses for mousses

Code Variation
838N Polar Wind
836N Fusion Red
819N Coral Calypso
827N Custard Cream

Available until 25th of May

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