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Nuvo - Alcohol Marker Bundle - USB715

by Nuvo
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Product Description

Your Alcohol Marker Bundle Contains

The alcohol-based Nuvo Marker Pens come in thirty brilliantly vibrant colours and are ideal for blending with similar shades or use alongside the Blender Pen to create gradients and other stunning effects. The dual-tip of each pen contains both fine detail and a chisel nib, making them a superb option for colouring stamped images. The tapered body ensures a comfortable hold with either the thick or thin end, allowing you to use it with optimum creative results.

3 Packs - 15 Markers in the bundle 

 Huge variety of corresponding colours

 Easily blendable

 Blender pen for gradient effects

 Chisel tip for large areas

 Bullet nib for detailed areas

Also available in the 72 pack

Type Code Variation
Pillow Mint 359N
334N Emerald Seas
Natural Patina 361N
Spectra Green 366N
Pink Grapefruit 373N
322N Coral Reef
Tiger Lily 374N
Plum Tomato 375N
Ginger Peach 476N
323N Apricot Ombre
Cantaloupe 387N
Fruit Punch 392N
Delicate Rose 449N
316N Rosy Pinks
Pink Lady 451N
Paradise Pink 453N

Available until 31st of August

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