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Tonic - Scissors - Non-Stick Precision 12.5cm/5" - 104eUS (814)

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Ideal for close-up detailed crafting with non-stick coated serrated blades. Featuring soft Kushgrip handles for comfort and control. Includes safety cap. Non-Stick coated blades to minimize adhesive build up. Micro-serrated cutting edges. Solid steel throughout the handles. Kushgrip handles for extra comfort. Produced to Tonic Studios high standards

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Christine Aphayavong

These scissors have very small holes for the fingers. If you have large hands or knuckles, they aren't for you.

Rhonda Engel
Multiple items

Loved everything I purchased! Great quality, and the sale prices were unbelievable!

Kathleen Haynes
Don't waste your money even if on sale

I have several pairs of scissors from Tonic. They all have extremely sharp points and the blades have not dulled after many years of use. I was excited to see these on sale as I wanted a backup pair to keep in my scrapbooking kit. These are TERRIBLE. I first tried cutting some vinyl I was weeding. It did not cut. Then I tried trimming a thread. The thread just slipped between the blades. Next I tried fussy cutting some cardstock. It sort of cut the paper, but the edge was not clean. Even copy paper is a struggle. Very disappointing.

Angela Roland
Non-stick scissors

Love them!

Ann Hagen
Not even worth the $3.99 sale price

I had high hopes of precision cuts with these little scissors. What I got was bent paper. On 4 out of 5 cuts with cardstock, the blades just bent the paper instead of cutting. It didn't make a difference where I put the paper on the blades, it still bent the paper. I even tried using them left-handed, thinking maybe they were mislabeled, but that didn't help either. Upon inspecting the blades, it looks like they are slightly curved inward towards each other. At the tip, one has a point, one is round. When they are closed, the tips go past each other. All of these issues explain why they don't cut. I'd hate to think this is why they were only $3.99 and Tonic just wanted to get rid of them. My other Tonic scissors are indispensable!

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