Invite Die Collection - Lovebird & Heart - 1502E

Tonic Studios

$3.20  $7.99

This die set is 1 of the 12 die sets that makes up the Invites Collection Range. The Invite range allows you to mix and match all of the 12 available die sets to get a number of different combinations. The versatility of these dies doesníë_íë_í«íšt end there they make prefect headers, strips, backgrounds, frames, windows etc and they are perfect for matting and layering.?í´íë_This product consists of 1 die set that comes with 4 dies in total?í´íë_and is?í´íë_verso meaning you can either leave the decorative die in the card or use the frame die to cut it out.

Die Size:

Frame: 39x92mm
Decorative: 89x36mm
Outer Heart: 35x29mm
Small Heart: 28x27mm

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