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Craft Perfect - Card Bundle - Golden Princess - USB519

by Craft Perfect
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Product Description

Your Card Bundle Golden Princess Contains

Craft Perfect is our very own line of paper and card, offering a wide variety of weights, colours and finishes. From our versatile weave textured card to the beautiful hand crafted cotton papers, you are sure to find something to bring your craft project to life, suiting the style, palette and occasion.

8.5"x11" -  40 Sheets in bundle

Type Code Variation
SPECIALITY CARD 9841E Rose Glacier
CLASSIC CARD 9616E Bright White
PEARLESCENT CARD 9530E Majestic Gold
GLITTER CARD 9960E Gold Dust
CLASSIC CARD 9664E Bubblegum Pink
GLITTER CARD 9975E Pink Frosting

Available until 22nd of December

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