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What Is Die Cutting In Crafting?

What is Die Cutting?

Die cutting is traditionally a process used by packaging manufacturers to cut out complex shapes in a variety of materials. Using wooden blocks and sharpened steel rules, it creates a very sharp version of a 'cookie cutter’ which allows detailed imagery to be cut. Thankfully this technology has since been transformed for the consumer in the form of a table top machine. By utilising an intricate and cheaper version of the large industrial equipment, you can now create beautiful designs at home.

The range of dies available is truly enormous and includes anything from flowers to sentiments, sports to celebrations. The vast choice ensures you are always able to find something to suit the project you’re working on. In order to use our dies, you need a machine to run it through. There are various different die-cutting machines available from many manufactures, but we’ll let Jodie Johnson explain about our very own Tonic Tangerine Machine and give you an idea of how the process works.

Our range of dies


Designed to be interchangeable, our Collections range of dies allow for unrivalled versatility. By mixing and matching elements from between die sets, the crafter maximises the value from every purchase. 

This unique line creates a wide variety of brilliant outcomes from invite sets to keepsake bottle holders, making it perfect for letting your creativity run wild and envisioning new combinations from the different sets.


Craft in three dimensions with our beautiful and extremely popular Dimensions range of dies. Lift your designs off the page and create favour boxes, envelopes, treat boxes & window box cards effortlessly!

From the picturesque Gingerbread House, jet-setting Kings Cross Case and luxurious Kensington Hand Bag, the 3D potential of the Dimensions range adds new eye-catching possibilities to your craft and home decor projects. 


The Essentials line is home to a large selection of craft necessities, containing everything you need to bring your projects to life and ensure a show-stopping finished piece, whatever the occasion. 

The range is full of brilliant embellishments for accentuating card elements and adding decoration, including heartfelt sentiments, beautiful corners, elegant strips, layering and detailed stamps. 


Rococo dies are Tonic Studios own range of illustrative, stand-alone, iconic dies. Perfect as focal elements to make your projects stand out, they come in two affordable price points – Rococos and Rococo Petites.

There are over a hundred products in the range and every conceivable theme has been covered, ensuring the Rococo line always offers something for every crafter and every creation.  

Rococo Petite