Introducing the brand new range of Tim Holtz products for 2018 featuring some incredible additions to the Tim Holtz and Tonic Studios line! Together we’re launching a number of fantastic new products and refreshed versions of popular essentials to enhance your crafting experience.

Measuring 14”x23” with a sleek black surface, the Tim Holtz Glass Media Mat is a fantastic multi-functional tool for creating on your workspace. The 12”x14” measuring grid features imperial and metric measurements, and the white 7.5”x11” mixing palette area (complete with a durable non-stick mat) is ideal for preparing wet mediums.

In addition to the Media Mat, the range includes a Replacement Non-Stick Mat and a Media Tool Set, complete with a Media Scraper for removing material from your non-stick mat and the Media Edge for drawing and cutting.


Estimated Shipping dates For Media Mat and Replacment Mat USA: February

Estimated Shipping date for Media Tool Kit USA: April

This is the first shipping date(s), stocks are limited.

Alongside the popular Tim Holtz Stamp Platform, the latest addition to the stamping range is the Tim Holtz Travel Stamp Platform - the perfect solution to stamping on the go. The innovative, portable surface allows for precision stamping with rubber and clear stamps with its fully magnetic 6.5”x6.5” base and dual thickness stamping plate.

In this brand new smaller size, it’s never been easier to keep up with your crafts and projects when away from your craft desk, and don’t forget to protect your Platform in transport with the stylish Travel Stamp Platform Protective Sleeve.


Estimated Shipping dates USA: March

This is the first shipping date(s), stocks are limited.

The Tim Holtz 12.25” Maxi Guillotine and 8.5” Trimmer are must-have crafting tools to help your ideas come to life. The brand new Tim Holtz Maxi Guillotine is sturdy and strong, boasting incredible cutting power in a compact size. The Kushgrip comfort handle and detachable measuring bar store conveniently under the base, and the hardened stainless steel blades provide precision and durability.

Additionally, the brilliant 8.5” Trimmer has been recoloured with a classic black finish to unify this fantastic range of products.


Estimated Shipping dates USA: March

This is the first shipping date(s), stocks are limited.

For over a decade Tonic Studios and Tim Holtz have worked together to create industry leading cutting products. The Tim Holtz Tool Range continues this tradition with Kushgrip handles for soft touch grip and control, Titanium coating for durability and much more. With a collection including Craft Picks, Rotary Tools and Scissors, these brilliant tools have been recoloured with a modern black finish to update this essential range for 2018.

Estimated Shipping dates USA: Various, product by product on existing products.

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