The Vault Explained

The Vault is where we make any previous kits available to buy for subscribers to enhance their collection.

- Exclusive access to the 'Vault' is by active subscribers only.

- Please Log in before entering the Vault.

- We keep some kits for customer service issues, these are all we have left.

- If items are sold out we do apologies in advance.

- The Vault is VERY limited quantities on some, not all releases.

- The Tonic Craft Kit is a one off production run so we do not make more even if there is demand.

- If it is not in the Vault then it is gone forever.

Please Note:

Vault orders will be dispatched as you pay for them, we do not ship them with the release of the next kit.

Shipping Charges are based on your regular shipping costs for the monhtly kit. So UK members will have free postage, overseas will pay their normal postal charge.