Nuvo Jewel Drops - 8 Different Colors

The fantastic Nuvo Jewel Drops create a self-leveling embellishment with a translucent finish. The eight subdued shades provide a softer touch to your design which can be used in combination with various card stocks to create unique effects. The Nuvo Jewel Drop formula dries hard, making them a superb choice for use in a number of projects to add that glass like effect, from papercraft to home decor.

642n Orange Marmalade

643n Strawberry Coulis

644n Limoncello

645n Key Lime

646n Sea Breeze

647n Rose Water

648n Grey Mist

649n Pale Periwrinkle

Thanks to the way the drops are applied you can have a range from small drops to large drops, perfect to add that small or large detail to one of your projects.