Nuvo Glimmer Paste

The Nuvo Fine Detail Embossing Powders are ideal for adding detailed gloss effects to your craft project. The popular Gold, Silver and new Copper Blush powders create a highly metallic gilded effect, and the Clear Powder creates the perfect finish by adding lustrous, transparent details. Apply the Nuvo Clear Mark Embossing Pad to a beatuiful intricate stamp and then add the Fine Detail Powder. Finish by applying heat and create stunning 3D imagery!  

950n Golden Crystal

951n Silver Gem

952n Black Diamond

953n Moonstone

954n Garnet Red

955n Emerald Green

956n Amethyst Purple

957n Sapphire Blue

958n Peridot Green

959n Tanzanite Lavender

960n Blue Topaz

961n Pink Opal