Tonic Studios - Dimensions - Gesture Box Die Set - 748e

by Tonic Studios
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Product Description

The Delicate Gesture Box can make a number of different designs using only the 9 dies that come included in this set. This makes it perfect for a number of different events like weddings, birthdays, Christmas, Easter etc. This die set is Verso meaning that you can choose to leave the design in the card or cut it out. This die set allows you to create a basic box and then decorate it to fit the theme you are trying to create. These are perfect for keeping small treats or secret messages in.

Die Size:

Outer Die: 137x137mm

Star Panel Die: 34x44mm

Vine Panel: 34x44mm

Outer Cutting Panel Die: 32x42mm

Outer Scalloped Panel Die: 32x42mm

Inner Decorative Panel Die: 27x36mm

Inner Decorative Panel Die: 27x36mm

Outer Heart Cutting Die: 42x42mm

Inner Heart Die: 28x31mm

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