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Explore White Wonderland New Nuvo Trend with Bibi Cameron

Hello from Scotland, this is Bibi Cameron and I'm here to share the beauty of White Wonderland!

This is the second of the three colour trends by Tonic Studios for 2020. It includes over 20 new products in different shades of blue, white, grey, and silver.

Available now at the Tonic UK online store here and the Tonic USA store here!

While I show you the products please allow me to share some inspiration, ideas, and tips

New Craft Perfect Cardstock

Mirror, Pearlescent, textured and luxury Embossed cardstock are now available in stunning new colors:

  • Misty Grey Textured Card.
  • Turkish Turquoise Mirror Card.
  • Silver Pinstripe Embossed Card.
  • Caribbean Sea Pearlescent Card.


White Wonderland 6"x6" paper pad is also available.

This is a great addition to create backgrounds or die-cut panels for your projects.

This pad contains 24 sheets. With 4 different cardstocks available and six sheets of each colour.

Craft Perfect Inspiration

Incredible, beautiful and excellent for die-cutting Craft Perfect cardstock aims for perfection. It can be used for card making, scrapbooking or to create amazing 3D projects using innovative Tonic Studios die sets.

To feature the new paper colors available, I used "Winter Wonderland" a 29 pieces die set that I consider a masterpiece as it will allow you to make extraordinary boxes.

Craft Perfect Tips

This large box has demanding folds and several panels with intricate details. It is a work of art!

The die set does all the work. However, it is essential to identify the right paper to be used for each part of this project to easily assemble.

  • For the body of this box, I used Misty Grey textured card. Easy to fold and sturdy.
  • To die-cut the intricate detail I used Metallic Silver Pinstripe card.
  • For the backing panels, I used Turkish Turquoise Mirror Card.

Craft Perfect mirror card is not double-sided. There is no coating on the back so it is easy to adhere to other papers.

This cardstock is ideal to create decorative panels for your projects.

You can also go a little further and use it to create the background pieces of decorative/intricate panels. You might need extra time and care to do this and also the right adhesive as changes in the temperature could affect the bond and your project could fall apart.

I used Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive and I allowed it to dry for a little while before putting the pieces together. You can easily wipe any excess of glue with a slightly wet towel.

Sparkle Spray

You will love the shimmer of the new Peacock Plume Sparkle Spray.

This is a beautifully deep metallic blue colour and as any of the Sparkle Sprays by Tonic Studios, this is ideal to add texture and shine to your projects.

For this card, I used the Tonic Studios Square Stitches and Falling Snowflakes Trio die sets.

To make the background I simply placed the Sparkle Spray bottle away from the watercolor paper so when spraying over it I got a soft texture that resembles falling snowflakes.

This simple touch will enhance the beauty of any composition and you can mix and match sprayed panels with elements made out of the new Craft Perfect cardstock colours.

  • I used Turkish Turquoise Mirror Card to create a backing panel for this card.
  • For the card base, I used Caribbean Sea Pearlescent Card.
  • The snowflakes were cut out of papers included in White Wonderland 6"x6" paper pad.
Sparkle Sprays can be used to:
  • Spray a light sparkling mist over the paper or any other surfaces such as wood, metal, fabric, cardboard, paper, and polystyrene.
  • To completely cover any of these surfaces.
  • Can be applied over Nuvo Expanding Mousses to alter the colours and to create interesting textures and colouring effects as well.

You can create spray panels or accents for projects in any size.

Below are a couple of projects using the same supplies.

For the card above I heavily sprayed the top left corner of the paper with the Sparkle Spray.

The snowflakes die cuts were colored with different Nuvo Mousses in the White Wonderland colour trend and I also used different Nuvo drops in this collection.

Iced Aqua Nuvo Expanding Mousse

The new Iced Aqua Nuvo expanding muse colour is undoubtedly stunning.

I applied this Expanding Mousse with my fingertips over the die-cut shape made using the Enchanted Forest Silhouette Tag & Wallet Die Set.

Then I applied heat to make it expand and finished it with the Snow Storm Embellishment Mousse to create highlights over the texture.

You can apply Expanding Mousses on paper or wood with brushes, spatulas, palette knife in thin or thick layers.

You can then heat set your mousse using a craft heat tool to make it expand creating a beautiful texture.

You can also skip the heating and allow the mousse to air dry so that it will stay shiny and smooth just like Nuvo Embellishment Mousses.

The right picture shows another project using the same technique with the New Iced Aqua Nuvo Expanding Mousse and Snow Storm (Pearlescent White) Embellishment Mousse.

Glacier Paste

White Wonderland includes two new colours of glacier paste

                                            • Iron Frost Glacier Paste
                                            • Winter White Glacier Paste

In the left picture you can see a colour swatch of the Iron Frost Glacier Paste. The right picture below you can see a colour swatch of our Winter White Glacier Paste over a piece of cardstock fully covered with the Peacock Plume Sparkle Spray.

Nuvo Drops

There are four new Nuvo drop colours in the White Wonderland colour trend.

  • Iceberg Blue Jewel Drops
  • Frosted lake Nuvo Dream Drops
  • Blue ice Crystal drops
  • Morning Fog Nuvo Stone Drops

I received three of the new colours and below you can see swatches of them. You can see the opacity and transparency effects from these drops.

Embellishment Mousses

We will also have two new colors of Nuvo Embellishment mousses

                                                • Polar Wind
                                                • Snow Storm

To your left a sample of Snow Storm that is a very opaque white mousse. On your right the new Polar Wind Nuvo Mousse, is a beautiful petroleum blue colour!

I made a totally different project to share extra ideas.

I used the Peony Parade Stencil and the Embellishment mousse to create a decorative topper for this kaleidoscope box.

Bonus Projects

Create all year round with the White Wonderland Colour Trend.

You can use different mediums with stencils or create your own DIY stencils using decorative background dies by Tonic Studios such as the ones used here!

Create a distressed background using mousses and Sparkle Sprays and add a pretty floral topper coloured with Nuvo Alcohol Markers.

You can check for more inspiration here, where I create and demonstrate more projects using the White Wonderland Tonic Craft Kit 33.

That's all for today.

Happy Crafting



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