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Hello everyone, it's Galina Filippenko with you today and I'm happy to welcome you to the Tonic Craft Room.

Nuvo mousses are some of the most recognizable Tonic mediums, they have tons of uses and come in a wide range of colours. In today's class, I'll show how to start working with them and show you a few of my favourite techniques.

A Closer Look at Nuvo Embellishment Mousses

  • Mousse comes in a 62.5g/2.2oz pot
  • Available in 24 colours
  • Each color can bee seen through the pot

What are Nuvo Mousses

  • Creamy structure to the medium
  • Water-based
  • Highly pigmented mica powder
  • Waterproof after drying

You can mix mousses with water to change the structure of the mousse and add colour to them.

Nuvo Mousses Tools and Applicators

There are four main tools for applying Mousses on a different surfaces :

You can use stencils with these too.

Dual Brushes

The brushes comes in a pack of two and are perfect for blending different colours of mousses. With a dual brush you can apply a thin layer of a mousse and change the colour of the surface without adding a texture or adding brush strokes.

On the left example, I applied pink mousse on the entire card panel and on the right I applied mousses to the centre of the card panel to create a focal point with pink mousse.

Metal Pallet Knife

A metal spatula is perfect for applying large amounts of mousse or covering big surfaces. It's a great tool for applying moussed through the wide stencils and with a fine round tip you can pick up small amounts of mousse too.

Blending Sponges

Blending sponges comes in a pack of 4 and are soft and washable. With these, you can create a fun gradients, colourful spots and focal points.

My favorite techniques with Nuvo Mousses

1. Create a Focal Point

I created this clean and simple birthday card with the card panel I showed earlier. I cut out a sentiment from white cardstock and coloured it with Nuvo markers.

2. Masking Spotlight

I love using Nuvo Mousse to hightlight a stamped image or die-cut.

Stamp a flower with black ink in the centre of a white card panel. Create a mask for the image. Stamp a flower on a sticky paper you may use for memos. Cut the image leaving an outline and stick on the card panel.

Create a colourful gradient with Nuvo mousses.

Using dual brushes apply a dark green first onto the card panel

Using the dual brush, apply more of the medium in lighter green colours, then applying a gold colour on the bottom. Go back and forth with a brush to blend the colours on the card panel.

Remove the mask and add sentiment and sequins.

Your card is complete!

3. Stamping with Nuvo Mousses

Apply a small amount of Nuvo mousse on the acrylic block or glass mat. Spray a little water and mix the mousse with a spatula to get a creamy texture.

Dip your stamp into mouse once, and stamp onto white card panel.

Tip. This techique works better with a simple outline stamps.

Stamp the whole card panel to create a shiny floral pattern.

Tip. You can use as many colour combination of mousses you wish to create bright eclectic, designs, or you can use only one colour for a monochromatic panel. Whatever your choice of colour the mousse will dry with a beautiful shine.

Die cut a sentiments from mirror cardstock and attach it to the cards.

4. Flower Sculpting

Pick up a small amount of Red Nuvo mousse with a tip of a metal spatula. Apply mousse to the black card panel. This will be the first petal of the flower

Apply three more petals to the design in the same way. Try to overlap each petal and lightly press the spatula.

With green Nuvo Mousse apply details under the petals.

Using a paintbrush draw stems for the each flower

Cut out a sentiment from a white glitter cardstock and add black Nuvo Drops.

5. Ombre Background

To make a stencilled background with a gradient technique. I applied three different colours of Nuvo Mousses and blended them with a dual brush.

I then cut out a sentiment from the white cardstock and foam, then mounted it on the card.

Thank you for joining me today on the Craft Room. I hope you enjoyed this post and found some of it useful. You can find brilliant deals this weekend on the Tonic Studios store using Nuvo Embellishment Mousse so check them out and try some of these techniques.

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