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For all your colour organising needs

We will continue to update these with each new product range.

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Diane Peter - October 22, 2019

These are wonderful. I hate getting duplicates when I don’t have grids or lists of available colors and these are very helpful. I just wish they weren’t so out of date in some cases. I have full sized print outs that I swatch and a 5×8″ version that I put in my shopping list and just check each color I have.

Derin Thompson - September 16, 2019

These are great, but several charts are already two color releases behind. I’m just adding on bottom and sides of paper.

Polly Floyd - August 9, 2019

This will be so helpful to keep up with what I have and don’t have yet. I also think it will inspire me to use more of the colors.

Luawanna Nigra - July 13, 2019

Thank you so much for updating the color charts !!!!
so awesome to have them !!!
greatly appreciated :)

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